August 5, 2018

Lifestyle in the United States

  1. Marriage and Family in the USA-

Every family in the U.S remains central to the U.S society and half of the unmarried individuals between the age of 18 and 24 live with their parents. In the recent decade, the American families have changed drastically. At present only one-quarter of all the households have a traditional nuclear house, and about half the homes have no children. Out of every four children, one is born out of wedlock and a significant increase in single-parent families. Both the husband and wife work usually outside their homes and men are expected to share household duties, also play an increasing role in raising their child. The elderly population in the country prefers to live in their own homes to maintain independence.


  1. Diet and Eating in the USA-

The eating styles in the United States of America vary between people of different backgrounds. The citizens usually eat with a fork on the same hand they use to write. Fast foods like; Fried chicken, chips hamburgers, pizza is eaten without the use of a spoon or a fork. The table manners are casual, but it is considered to be impolite to rest elbows on the table. There is a difference between what the people do at home or in a fast-food restaurant and how they behave in a more formal restaurant.

  1. Socializing in the USA-

Men and women in the United States generally smile and shake hands when greeting. They do not stand very close to each other while in a conversation, they keep at least an arm’s distance. The usual greeting to strangers on the street is “hello” or “good morning” while among the young, they have gestures like “high five.” Greeting a person with “Mrs.” or “Dr,” etc. with a family name shows respect. Couples usually hold hands and show affection in public.

  1. Recreation in the USA-

Sports such as basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and American football are the favorite sport in the country, but the citizens also enjoy other activities which include cycling, soccer, tennis, racket-ball martial rats, walking, etc. American spend most of their leisure time socializing or watching television. Many American citizens volunteer in raising funds for those who are less fortunate to tutor students or youth sports.


  1. Holidays and Celebrations in the USA-

On January, the Americas celebrate New Year’s Day and also the birthday of Martin Luther King. They celebrate president’s day on the third Monday in February. During March or April, the people celebrate Easter by going to church and getting together with families. The children often go on Easter egg hunts for treats. Fourth of July, Independence Day is celebrated with picnics, fireworks, and outdoor barbecues. In December, the citizens decorate their house with colorful lights, Christmas tree, etc. On Christmas, they send greeting cards to their friends and family.

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