August 20, 2018

Fun Facts about the Hollywood Industry

Hollywood has been and continues to be every generation’s dream destination to attain the ultimate fame and fortune for decades now. The Hollywood district is every ambitious individual’s paradise, and the neighborhood is just a few minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. The locality houses some of the most established and revered stars and studios around. The following are some of the most unpopular and unknown facts about the world’s largest entertainment industries :


  1. The first Hollywood movie made was ‘In Old California’ that released in the year 1910. The duration of the movie was only 17 minutes and was directed by the none other than the legend himself, D. W. Griffith.
  2. Theatres were non-existent in the Hollywood district as they had been banned. The very first appearance of a theatre was in the year 1910.
  3. The first ever studio set up in Hollywood was Nestor Studio that was set up at a rented roadhouse back in 1911.
  4. The famous ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign was set up in 1923 for advertising properties in the locality. The idea and initiative were that of a real estate agent named Harry Chandler. The initial sign read ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’ and was meant to stay only for eighteen months. Later on, the sign was altered to read ‘HOLLYWOOD.’
  5. The ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign requires regular maintenance, and for this purpose, the Hollywood Sign Trust was set up in the year1995 to care for this legendary landmark.
  6. The first sound film in Hollywood was ‘The Jazz Singer,’ directed by Alan Crosland. The movie released in the year 1927, starring Al Johnson and May McAvoy. The duration of the film was 89 minutes, and the overall cost of production was $422,000.
  7. One of Hollywood’s biggest ventures, the Warner Brothers was started when four brothers, who were soap salesmen from Ohio, established a studio in Hollywood in the year 1918.
  8. Hollywood’s most expensive venture so far is ‘Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End,’ the 2007 film, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Gore Verbinski. The film’s total budget was a staggering $300 million.
  9. A 1914 film ‘The Squaw Man’ directed by Cecile B. DeMille’s was the first movie shot exclusively inside a Hollywood studio. Today, around 500-700 movies are released every year in Hollywood.
  10. The venue for the first ever Oscars or the annual Academy Awards was the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The first time the award ceremony was held was in the year 1929 and was attended by 270 people. The number of award categories presents that night was a total of only 15 different awards. Regardless, the famous after-party was a tradition that began back then and continuous till date in all the glamour and splendor the occasion demands.


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