September 27, 2018

Facts about Broadway

  1. Earlier known as the ‘Great White Way.’-

The Broadway was one of the first streets in New York City to be fully light up by white electric bulbs in the 1890s, giving the nickname ‘The Great White Bay”. Since 1910 the Broadway was illuminated with candescent bulbs as the builders realized the advertising potential of the shining lights. During the WWI the lights of Broadway were dimmed, and the public forced the government to increase the coal ration to restore the lights.

  1. The longest street in NYC-

The street is about 33 miles, out of which 18 miles is outside New York city limits. Broadway begins from lower Manhattan and towards the north to the Bronx, all the way up to Albany. It is the oldest north-south thoroughfare’s in New York and has traced back to the Native American times. The Broadway was first seen on the map around the 1700s. Broadway is the English translation of the earlier know name dutch name “ the brede weg.”


  1. Phantom of the Opera is by far the longest-running show in Broadway-

Longest running play in Broadway is the Phantom of the Opera which was opened in 1988 and currently running on its fourth decade of spectacular performance. On 2018 the show marks its 30th anniversary and has performed over 12,500 performances with an audience of 18 million. The Phantom of the opera’s box office revenue is the highest than any film or stage play including Star Wars, Titanic and Avatar.

  1. Chicago is the second longest-running show-

The Chicago production was opened in 1975 and done about 936 performances. After a long break in 1977, it was revived on Broadway and running in 1996. Broadway’s longest running revival is in Chicago and has played in 24 countries in 12 languages. In 2018 they have performed more than 8000 performances in Broadway. It’s based on a real-life 1924 windy city murder case which was transformed by a reporter named Maurine Watkins into 1926 Broadway comedy.


  1. Lion King is the highest-grossing show-

Disney’s animation the “Lion King” is Broadway’s biggest money-making hit in history. For 20 years it has run on Broadway and grossed $1.4 billion with an average of $2 million a week. The director of lion king, Julie Taymor, became the first woman in the history of Broadway to achieve the Tony award for best director of a musical.

  1. Only four theatres on Broadway-

Out of 41 Broadway theatres in New York, only four theatres are located on Broadway street. These theaters are; The Winter Garden, The Marquis, The Roundabout and The Broadway Theatre. To be qualified as Broadway theater, the theater should require 500 seats and should be located between the 40th St. to 44th St. and from east to Eighth Ave., to west of 6th Ave, including the Times Square.


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